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Warm prompt: if your online find many dozen shaolin brand of XueWu enrolment division, admissions, recruit students some website, stick, blog space, do not believe, to prevent fraud!
    Shaolin wushu institute is songshan sponsored by the shaolin temple, the state education department approval only a formal wenwu colleges of henan province, buddhist association President, songshan shaolin temple duguan venerable shi yongxin was as advisers, China shaolin martial arts association, vice President of province, city, top ten boxer continuous twelve excellent library LeiShuChang as dean of Mr. President, National first-level wushu judge, shaolin wushu erection, labor medal, "wushu association cup winner SunHongGuang master RenZong knocking coach, coll
Shaolin boy province games o
    Henan province in luoyang 11th the opening ceremony held, style of acting presen...【Detail
 · Taijiquan contest for WuShuJie warm-up [2010-11-11]
 · The shaolin temple wu3 xiao4's gao of so [2010-11-11]
 · Thai boxing champion of the world shaoli [2010-11-11]
 · The shaolin temple were allowed to open [2010-11-11]
 · The shaolin temple wu3 xiao4's gao remin [2010-11-11]
 · Henan shaolin wu3 xiao4's gao of songsha [2010-11-11]
Wuhan skill-studying henan s
    Congratulates the wuhan institute of shaolin wushu institute jointly with songsh...【Detail
 · Wuhan skill-studying henan shaolin wushu [2010-11-11]
 · China WuShuJie sparring cangzhou campus [2010-11-11]
 · Who is most only: 5000 people vote campu [2010-11-11]
 · The construction of green ecological cam [2010-11-11]
 · Chinese teachers urgently boning up on c [2010-11-11]
 · Grenade is hundred of henan 94 laboring [2010-11-11]
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